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Better Quotes with Less Hassle

Professional, Well Formatted Estimates Without All the Hassle

No more printers, or complex paper or computer systems. Stop hastling with Excel or digging customer information out of emails. Stripe Quote is the best way to create and manage your estimate system

Sign Estimates from Inside the App

Get Estimates Signed in the App

You can still email the estimate as a PDF to be signed but if present with the client the best and easy way is to just get it signed in person and get working right away

Add Your Branding

A White Label Product Ready for Your Branding

Become a member and apply your branding on all of your estimates, emails and even inside the app when showing it to clients

Take Control of All the Parts of Your Job

Keep Track of All the Parts of Each Job

Easily add stalls, curbing and other painting numbers along with custom and common stencils and services. This app is made by those who understand parking lot striping and is made to fit your business as well

Awesome Services and Benefits to Users of Stripe
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Awesome Support and Perks from Outline Industries

Awesome technology for your business with new features coming out all the time. National listing on to promote your business. Access to member only forum to network and gain knowledge. 10% off on all stencils from Outline Industries. Also, if you don't have an iPad to run Stripe Quote you can get one at $295 with a cellular plan through There's plenty of great reasons to get started with Stripe Quote today

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