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About Stripe Quote

Stripe Quote™ is an estimating tool designed to make the estimating process quick, easy and effective. Stripe Quote™ was designed by the crew at Outline Industries, who all got their start as pavement marking contractors. We know what it's like having to run around, estimating jobs and then the lengthy process that happens back at the office to be able to send your quote to the potential customer. We have not only simplified that process, we've made it portable and user-friendly. Stripe Quote™ gives you the tools you need, at your fingertips, to use your time more efficiently and to close more sales. Stripe Quote™ also gives your company a professional appearance that is vital for customer confidence.

When it's time to bid a job, pick up your iPad, head out to the site and get through your estimates quickly. This process makes it easy to invite your potential customer on to the job site with you, present the scope of work and then capture a signature directly on the iPad. If your customer can't make it out to the estimate, that's okay! You can complete the estimate and email it to your customer before you leave the site. Stripe Quote™ also ensures that you have all of the stencils and materials that you will need for any particular job. If there is a stencil that you don't have or if you need a custom stencil, just hit the 1-800-STENCIL button at the bottom of the app to shop and price anything you could need.

Stripe quote™ also ensures that you can confidently send a salesperson to a jobsite and know that their estimate will look exactly like yours would. Consistency equals professionalism and professionalism equals more work. We know what it's like to worry about sending someone else out to do a job that you trust you can do well on your own. Allow Stripe Quote™ to help you to build your business, confidently and securely, today!

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